Many good chefs and thankfully many different quality levels to choose from …. experience, went to culinary school or no tattoos. A brief explanation about why bonus points for no tattoos. The Bible, Koran Torah, etc all talk about respecting our body therefore if no tattoos bonus points . . . . i have no tattoos, no drug history. Honestly, $1500 to have a Private Chef for one time and customer buys groceries is standard. You are an established person, you can afford it and you get to choose a Private Chef.


The question many have heard, “what makes you different from the other applicants” ?” With the thought of answering the “why hire you Nancy Ann Morales to be my one time Personal Chef,” here I go. I have organized and combined the foods on my menu’s using my psychology, my skills and my experience to combine a good menu and a good food experience.  Food is like science, you combine the right food ingredients, the right ingredient ratios and you have a good memorable experience. Few people realize in the today busy world that food is and food can be a weapon to do harm just like a knife or a gun. When the wrong ingredients or wrong quantities of ingredients are combined you will have anxiety, depression, the anger level is raised in a person, sedated thinking (slow thinking) and so on etc. I would also like to point out and bring to your attention. Two people can cook the same food yet different outcomes because of the ingredients used, the portions ratio and different quality of individual doing the cooking. I do have a sense of humor but I also have some business smarts, so I do not get jacked up and work hard to cook a meal then no payment. That is why payment is paid and cleared prior to before services rendered. The meals are delicious and some of my favorite, you can view the menu meals when you click on the tab labeled Choose Your Meal.