Ms. Nancy Ann Morales
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How this Private Chef thing started. I had an extra website and thought geez what am I going to do with this extra website that I thought I needed. At first I thought a second blog website. However, honestly, with everyday life doings I do not have the time for a second blog website. Then I thought about my love of cooking and being a private chef, cook.  I put on my business thinking cap since I did attend Economic Growth Business Incubator (EGBI) in Austin, Texas.  EGBI teaches extensive teachings on business skills. At EGBI skills are taught on How to have a business and how to run a business. My first thought was “ok, what do I have to offer being a Private Chef.” With the thought of being a Private Chef, I thought about the idea and came up with a plan. I have organized and combined the foods on my menu’s using my psychology, my skills and my experience to combine a good menu and good food experience.  I have no tattoos which gives me bonus points because the Bible, Koran, Torah, etc all talk about no tattoos respecting the body. I have a menu of meals to choose from. The how to is easy. You look at the menu’s of different meals available to be cooked for you. You then decide on a menu meal. You select and decide on a day for your meal. The groceries are purchased by customer. Payment is paid and cleared prior to services rendered. Lucky you, because you are on your way to having Nancy be your Private Chef. The number that I cook for is limited because I do everything myself. In my spare time I am a food blogger at www.blognancy.com I speak English, Spanish and some French. I am one of seven children and the youngest. I am divorced, it was no one’s fault we were not ready to get married. I have school in five areas and they are Psychology, Communications, Business at Economic Growth Business Incubator (EGBI), IT Service Management, ITSM which is communication skills to ensure good effective out communication, and lastly school in Project Manager overseeing small to large projects from start to finish.


My first thought was “ok, what do I have to offer being a Private Chef.” Then I started to think and realized that for Private Chef different quality levels exist of …. experience, went to culinary school or no tattoos. BAM immediately i thought that is what i have to offer a Private Chef with no tattoos who gets bonus points. A brief explanation about why bonus points for no tattoos. The Bible, Koran, Torah, etc all talk about respecting our body therefore if no tattoos bonus points . . . . i have no tattoos. Two people can cook the same food yet different outcomes because of the different ingredients, quantity of ingredients and different cooks